1. Image-synch: a liveness detection method based on ambient image
  2. DEAN: A Blockchain-Inspired Consensus Protocol Enabling Trustworthy Edge Computing
  3. Practical Image Obfuscation with Provable Privacy
  4. Method for Effective Measurement, Labeling, and Classification of Botnet C2s for Predicting Attacks
  5. Model checking RNNs with modal μ-calculus
  6. Secure Logging Infrastructure Employing Heterogeneous Trusted Execution Environments
  7. MOAI: Multiple Origin ASes Identification for IP Prefix Hijacking and Mis-Origination
  8. Leveraging Locality of Reference for Certificate Revocation
  9. Oblivious k-Nearest Neighbors for Secure Map Applications
  10. Mining Threat Intelligence from Billion-scale SSH Brute-Force Attacks
  11. Room-Scale Over-the-Air Audio Adversarial Examples
  12. Security of Deep Learning based Lane Keeping Assistance System under Physical-World Adversarial Attack
  13. Propose a defense method against Audio Adversarial Attack
  14. Backdoor Suppression in Neural Networks using Input Fuzzing and Majority Voting
  15. DBB-DSE : Dynamic Backward-Bound Dynamic Symbolic Execution
  16. MicroFL: A Lightweight, Secure-by-Design Edge Network Fabric for Decentralized IoT Systems
  17. POSTER: MURS: Practical and Robust Privacy Amplification with Multi-Party Differential Privacy
  18. A Machine Learning Model Performance Improvement Approach to Detection of Obfuscated JavaScript-based Attacks
  19. uRAI: Securing Embedded Systems with Return Address Integrity
  20. Automatic Detection and Prevention of Fake Key Attacks in Signal
  21. Towards an Architecture for Private Digital Authentication in the Physical World
  22. All Your Data Are Available to Us: A Need for Network Segmentation with IoT Devices
  23. Securing IoT services using DLTs and Verifiable Credentials
  24. Methodologies for Quantifying (Re-) Randomization Security and Timing under JIT-ROP
  25. Who’s Calling? Characterizing Robocalling Campaigns
  26. A Chaincode with Attribute-Based Encryption for Protecting Data in Ledgers
  27. SNIPPET  Secure and Privacy-friendly Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading
  28. Consortium Blockchain for the Assurance of Supply Chain Security
  29. Wireless Access Point Spoofing by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  30. PhotoLock: Autonomous Privacy-preserving Photo Sharing in Online Social Networks