Accepted Demo Papers and Posters for VehicleSec 2023

Accepted Demo Papers

#15 Demo: Discovering Faulty Patches in Robotic Vehicle Control Software
Hyungsub Kim (Purdue University), Muslum Ozgur Ozmen (Purdue University), Z. Berkay Celik (Purdue University), Antonio Bianchi (Purdue University), Dongyan Xu (Purdue University)

#24 Demo: Ransom Vehicle through Charging Pile
Shangru Song (Tsinghua University), Hetian Shi (Tsinghua University), Ruoyu Lun (State Key Laboratory of Science and Engineering Computing), Yunchao Guan (Tsinghua University), Xiang Li (Tsinghua University), Jihu Zheng (Tsinghua University), Jianwei Zhuge (Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun Laboratory)

#40 Demo: Real-time System Availability for Cyber-physical Systems using ARM TrustZone
Jinwen Wang (Washington University in St. Louis), Ao Li (Washington University in St. Louis), Haoran Li (Washington University at St. Louis), Chenyang Lu (Washington University at St. Louis), Ning Zhang (Washington University at St. Louis)

#49 Demo: Physically Hijacking Object Trackers
Raymond Muller (Purdue University), Yanmao Man (University of Arizona), Z. Berkay Celik (Purdue University), Ming Li (University of Arizona), Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech)

#55 WIP: Infrared Laser Reflection Attack Against Traffic Sign Recognition Systems
Takami Sato (University of California, Irvine), Sri Hrushikesh Varma Bhupathiraju (University of Florida), Michael Clifford (Toyota InfoTech Labs), Takeshi Sugawara (The University of Electro-Communications), Qi Alfred Chen (University of California, Irvine), Sara Rampazzi (University of Florida)

#71 VASP: V2X Application Spoofing Platform
Mohammad Raashid Ansari (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Jonathan Petit (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Jean-Philippe Monteuuis (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Cong Chen (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.)

#53 Exploiting Transport Protocol Vulnerabilities in SAE J1939 Networks
Rik Chatterjee (Colorado State University), Subhojeet Mukherjee (Colorado State University), Jeremy Daily (Colorado State University)

Accepted Posters

Poster: Effects of Knowledge and Experience on Drivers’ Intention to Use CAVs
Zekun Cai (Pennsylvania State University), Aiping Xiong (Pennsylvania State University)

Poster: Practical Swarm Attestation using Probabilistic Program Integrity Verification
Sanket Uppin (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi), Mehreen Jabbeen (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi), Rijurekha Sen (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi), Vireshwar Kumar (IIT Delhi)

Short: Certifiably Robust Perception Against Adversarial Patch Attacks: A Survey
Chong Xiang (Princeton University), Chawin Sitawarin (University of California, Berkeley), Tong Wu (Princeton University), Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

Analysing Adversarial Threats to Rule-Based Local-Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Driving
Andrew Roberts (Tallinn University of Technology), Mohsen Malayjerdi (Tallinn University of Technology), Mauro Bellone (Tallinn University of Technology), Ehsan Malayjerdi (Tallinn University of Technology), Olaf Maennel (Tallinn University of Technology)

AMICA: Attention-based Multi-Identifier model for asynchronous intrusion detection on Controller Area networks
Natasha Alkhatib (Télécom Paris), Lina Achaji (INRIA), Maria Mushtaq (Télécom Paris), Hadi Ghauch (Télécom Paris), Jean-Luc Danger (Télécom Paris)

CANtropy: Time Series Feature Extraction-Based Intrusion Detection Systems for Controller Area Networks
Md Hasan Shahriar (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Wenjing Lou (Virginia Tech), Y. Thomas Hou (Virginia Tech)

Cooperative Perception for Safe Control of Autonomous Vehicles under LiDAR Spoofing Attacks
Hongchao Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis), Zhouchi Li (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Shiyu Cheng (Washington University in St. Louis), Andrew Clark (Washington University in St. Louis)

Reminding Drivers of the Stalking Vehicles on the Road
Wei Sun (The Ohio State University), Kannan Srinivsan (The Ohio State University)