1. SirenAttack: Generating Adversarial Audio for End-to-End Acoustic Systems
    2. TEXTBUGGER: Generating Adversarial Text Against Real-world Applications
    3. A Realizable Framework for Intrusion Detection in Additive Manufacturing Systems Using Analog Side-Channels
    4. Securing Distributed System Configuration through Optimization and Reasoning on Graphs
    5. Automated Evaluation of Fuzzers
    6. Collaborative Trustworthy Security and Privacy Framework for Social Media
    7. Security Analysis of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Localization in Autonomous Vehicles
    8. PhishFarm: A Scalable Framework for Measuring the Effectiveness of Evasion Techniques Against Browser Phishing Blacklists
    9. A Privacy Risk Arising from Communication with TV: Consideration from Attribute Inference for Users
    10. On the Feasibility of Training Neural Networks with Visibly Watermarked Dataset
    11. Short Text, Large Effect: Measuring the Impact of User Reviews on Android App Security & Privacy
    12. Membership Inference Against DNA Methylation Databases: Attacks and Defenses
    13. Tagvisor: A Privacy Advisor for Sharing Hashtags
    14. Analysis of Reused Private Keys in the Code Signing PKI
    15. Privacy-Preserving Similar Patient Queries for Combined Biomedical Data
    16. Take it with a pinch of harmless—studying the robustness of static malware classifiers in the presence of benign code
    17. Cybercrime Investigators are Users Too! Understanding the Socio-Technical Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement
    18. Large-Scale and Language-Oblivious Code Authorship Identification
    19. TGX: Secure SGX enclave management using TPM
    20. Examining Adversarial Learning against Graph-based IoT Malware Detection Systems
    21. Scaling Up Anomaly Detection Using In-DRAM Working Set of Active Flows Table
    22. Analyzing Endpoints in the Internet of Things Malware
    23. Exploring Spatial, Temporal, and Logical Attacks on the Bitcoin Network
    24. Forgetting the Forgotten, Concealing Content Deletion from Persistent Observers
    25. Analyzing, Comparing, and Detecting Emerging Malware: A Graph-based Approach
    26. SIMD: A SDN-based IP and MAC Dynamic Method against Reconnaissance
    27. Analyzing Semantic Correctness of Security-critical Algorithm Implementations with Symbolic Execution
    28. Blacklists Assemble – Aggregating Blacklists for Accuracy
    29. FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-Channel Attack on Mail User Agent
    30. LEADER (Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks Defense)
    31. Securing Operating System Audit Logs
    32. Physical Layer Key Generation Protocol for Secure V2X Communication Architecture
    33. EchoAuth: Gait-based Smart Home Intrusion Detection through Acoustic Sensing
    34. A Large Scale Investigation of Obfuscation Use in Google Play
    35. Project Leine – A Virtualized Study Infrastructure
    36. Towards Plausible Graph Anonymization