NDSS 2019 Accepted Posters

SirenAttack: Generating Adversarial Audio for End-to-End Acoustic Systems

Tianyu Du, Shouling Ji, Jinfeng Li, Qinchen Gu, Ting Wang and Raheem Beyah

TEXTBUGGER: Generating Adversarial Text Against Real-world Applications

Jinfeng Li, Shouling Ji, Tianyu Du, Bo Li and Ting Wang

A Realizable Framework for Intrusion Detection in Additive Manufacturing Systems Using Analog Side-Channels

Sizhuang Liang and Raheem Beyah

Securing Distributed System Configuration through Optimization and Reasoning on Graphs

Hamed Soroush, Shantanu Rane and Massimiliano Albanese

Automated Evaluation of Fuzzers

Sebastian Surminski, Michael Rodler and Lucas Davi

Collaborative Trustworthy Security and Privacy Framework for Social Media

Hardik A. Gohel, Himanshu Upadhyay and Leonel Lagos

Security Analysis of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Localization in Autonomous Vehicles

Junjie Shen, Jun Yeon Won, Shinan Liu, Qi Alfred Chen and Alexander Veidenbaum

PhishFarm: A Scalable Framework for Measuring the Effectiveness of Evasion Techniques Against Browser Phishing Blacklists

Adam Oest, Yeganeh Safaei, Adam Doupé, Gail-Joon Ahn, Brad Wardman and Kvein Tyers

A Privacy Risk Arising from Communication with TV: Consideration from Attribute Inference for Users

Takahiro Higuchi, Naoto Yanai, Kensuke Ueda, Yasunori Ishihara and Toru Fujiwara

On the Feasibility of Training Neural Networks with Visibly Watermarked Dataset

Sanghyun Hong, Tae-hoon Kim, Tudor Dumitras and Jonghyun Choi

Short Text, Large Effect: Measuring the Impact of User Reviews on Android App Security & Privacy

Duc Cuong Nguyen, Erik Derr, Michael Backes and Sven Bugiel

Membership Inference Against DNA Methylation Databases: Attacks and Defenses

Inken Hagestedt, Mathias Humbert, Pascal Berrang, Irina Lehmann, Roland Eils, Michael Backes and Yang Zhang

Tagvisor: A Privacy Advisor for Sharing Hashtags

Yang Zhang, Mathias Humbert, Tahleen Rahman, Cheng-Te Li, Jun Pang and Michael Backes

Analysis of Reused Private Keys in the Code Signing PKI

Doowon Kim, S. Gokberk Karaca and Tudor Dumitras

Privacy-Preserving Similar Patient Queries for Combined Biomedical Data

Ahmed Salem, Pascal Berrang, Mathias Humbert and Michael Backes

Take it with a pinch of harmless—studying the robustness of static malware classifiers in the presence of benign code

David Pfaff and Michael Backes

Cybercrime Investigators are Users Too! Understanding the Socio-Technical Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement

Mariam Nouh, Jason R.C. Nurse, Helena Webb and Michael Goldsmith

Large-Scale and Language-Oblivious Code Authorship Identification

Mohammed Abuhamad, Tamer AbuHmed, Aziz Mohaisen and DaeHun Nyang

TGX: Secure SGX enclave management using TPM

Dhiman Chakraborty, Atul Anand Jha and Sven Bugiel

Examining Adversarial Learning against Graph-based IoT Malware Detection Systems

Ahmed Abusnaina, Aminollah Khormali, Hisham Alasmary, Jeman Park, Afsah Anwar, Ulku Meteriz and Aziz Mohaisen

Scaling Up Anomaly Detection Using In-DRAM Working Set of Active Flows Table

Rhongho Jang, Seongkwang Moon, Youngtae Noh, Aziz Mohaisen and Daehun Nyang

Analyzing Endpoints in the Internet of Things Malware

Jinchun Choi, Afsah Anwar, Hisham Alasmary, Jeffrey Spaulding, DaeHun Nyang and Aziz Mohaisen

Exploring Spatial, Temporal, and Logical Attacks on the Bitcoin Network

Muhammad Saad, Victor Cook, Lan Nguyen, My T. Thai and Aziz Mohaisen

Forgetting the Forgotten, Concealing Content Deletion from Persistent Observers

M. Minaei, M. Mondal, P. Loiseau, K. Gummadi and A. Kate

Analyzing, Comparing, and Detecting Emerging Malware: A Graph-based Approach

Hisham Alasmary, Aminollah Khormali, Afsah Anwar, Jeman Park, Jinchun Choi, DaeHun Nyang and Aziz Mohaisen

SIMD: A SDN-based IP and MAC Dynamic Method against Reconnaissance

Pengchao Wang, Fucai Chen, Guozhen Cheng and Liren Miao

Analyzing Semantic Correctness of Security-critical Algorithm Implementations with Symbolic Execution

Sze Yiu Chau

Blacklists Assemble – Aggregating Blacklists for Accuracy

Sivaramakrishnan Ramanthan, Jelena Mirkovic and Minlan Yu

FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-Channel Attack on Mail User Agent

Hodong Kim, Hyundo Yoon, Hyundo Yoon and Junbeom Hur

LEADER (Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks Defense)

Rajat Tandon, Haoda Wang, Nicolaas Weideman, Christophe Hauser and Jelena Mirkovic

Securing Operating System Audit Logs

Riccardo Paccagnella, Pubali Datta, Wajih Ul Hassan, Adam Bates, Christopher Fletcher and Andrew Miller

Physical Layer Key Generation Protocol for Secure V2X Communication Architecture

Kelvin Phan, Arnav Malawade, Anthony Lopez, Anomadarshi Barua, Preston Rogers, Ken Tran and Mohammad Al Faruque

EchoAuth: Gait-based Smart Home Intrusion Detection through Acoustic Sensing

Changlai Du and Xu Yuan

A Large Scale Investigation of Obfuscation Use in Google Play

Dominik Wermke, Nicolas Huaman, Yasemin Acar, Bradley Reaves, Patrick Traynor and Sascha

Project Leine – A Virtualized Study Infrastructure

Dominik Wermke, Nicolas Huaman, Christian Stransky, Yasemin Acar and Sascha Fahl

Towards Plausible Graph Anonymization

Yang Zhang, Mathias Humbert, Bartlomiej Surma, Praveen Manoharan, Jilles Vreeken and Jilles Vreeken