NDSS Symposium 2022 Accepted Posters

Infrastructure-Aided Defense for Autonomous Driving Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

Yunpeng Luo, Ningfei Wang, Bo Yu, Shaoshan Liu and Qi Alfred Chen

Fingerprinting IoT Devices in Open-world Setting

Dilawer Ahmed, Benjamin Zhang and Anupam Das

Fully Homomorphic Secret Sharing with Output Verifiability

Arup Mondal, Pratyush Ranjan Tiwari and Debayan Gupta

Context-Sensitive and Directional Concurrency Fuzzing for Data-Race Detection

Zu-Ming Jiang, Jia-Ju Bai, Kangjie Lu and Shi-Min Hu

SpaceSpider: A Hyper Large Scientific Infrastructure For The Space Internet

Ruyue Liu, Jun Li, Lvyang Zhang and Lidong Zhai

MPClan: Protocol Suite for Privacy-Conscious Computations

Nishat Koti, Shravani Patil, Arpita Patra and Ajith Suresh

Who’s In Control? On Security Risks of Disjointed IoT Device Management Channels

Yan Jia, Bin Yuan, Luyi Xing, Dongfang Zhao, Xiaofeng Wang, Yifan Zhang, Yijing Liu, Kaimin Zheng, Peyton Crnjak, Yuqing Zhang, Deqing Zou and Hai Jin

WATSON: Abstracting Behaviors from Audit Logs via Aggregation of Contextual Semantics

Jun Zeng, Zheng Leong Chua, Yinfang Chen, Kaihang Ji, Zhenkai Liang and Jian Mao

Detecting Node.js Prototype Pollution Vulnerabilities via Object Lookup Analysis

Song Li, Mingqing Kang, Jianwei Hou and Yinzhi Cao

Comparing Neural Network Solutions in Cryptographic API Completion

Ya Xiao, Salman Ahmed, Wenjia Song, Bimal Viswanath, Na Meng, Patrick McDaniel, Xinyang Ge and Danfeng Yao

Invisible for both Camera and LiDAR: Security of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Perception in Autonomous Driving Under Physical-World Attacks

Yulong Cao, Ningfei Wang, Chaowei Xiao, Dawei Yang, Jin Fang, Ruigang Yang, Qi Alfred Chen, Mingyan Liu and Bo Li

Semantic-Informed Driver Fuzzing Without Both the Hardware Devices and the Emulators

Wenjia Zhao, Kangjie Lu, Qiushi Wu and Qi Yong

Why Crypto-detectors Fail: A Systematic Evaluation of Cryptographic Misuse Detection Techniques

Amit Seal Ami, Nathan Cooper, Kaushal Kafle, Kevin Moran, Denys Poshyvanyk and Adwait Nadkarni

Too Afraid to Drive: Systematic Discovery of Semantic DoS Vulnerability in Autonomous Driving Planning under Physical-World Attacks

Ziwen Wan, Junjie Shen, Jalen Chuang, Xin Xia, Joshua Garcia, Jiaqi Ma and Qi Alfred Chen

(SmartCoin) A novel incentive mechanism for vehicles in intelligent transportation system based on consortium blockchain

Lokendra Vishwakarma and Debasis Das

Precise Detection of Unprecedented Python Cryptographic Misuses Using On-Demand Analysis

Miles Frantz, Ya Xiao, Tanmoy Sarkar Pias and Danfeng Daphne Yao

Robbery on DevOps: Understanding and Mitigating Illicit Cryptomining on Continuous Integration Service Platforms

Zhi Li, Weijie Liu, Hongbo Chen, Xiaofeng Wang, Luyi Xing, Mingming Zha, Hai Jin and Deqing Zou

Analyzing Ground-Truth Data of Mobile Gambling Scams

Geng Hong, Zhemin Yang, Sen Yang, Xiaolin Du, Min Yang and Haixin Duan

OS-Aware Vulnerability Prioritization via Differential Severity Analysis

Qiushi Wu, Yue Xiao and Kangjie Lu

Understanding Malicious Cross-library Data Harvesting on Android

Jice Wang, Yue Xiao, Xueqiang Wang, Yuhong Nan, Luyi Xing, Jinwei Dong, Nicolas Serrano, Haoran Lu, Xiaofeng Wang and Yuqing Zhang

APT Detection through Sensitive File Access Monitori

Wenjia Song and Danfeng Yao

Visualization Result of String-based CPU Architecture Independent IoT Malware Clustering

Yutaro Osako, Toshihiro Yamauchi, Katsunari Yoshioka, Takuya Fujihashi, Takashi Watanabe and Shunsuke Saruwatari

Improving the Performance and Security of Tor’s Onion Services

Arushi Arora, Sai Raj Karra, Dave Levin and Christina Garman

PhishLex: A Proactive Zero-Day Phishing Defence Mechanism using URL Lexical Features

Matheesha Fernando, Abdun Mahmood and Jabed Chowdhury

Measuring and Assessing the Risks of Free Content Websites

Abdulrahman Alabduljabbar, Runyu Ma, Sultan Alshamrani, Rhongho Jang, Songqing Chen and David Mohaisen

Fast Evaluation of S-boxes in MPC

Erik Pohle, Aysajan Abidin and Bart Preneel

Detecting Misinformation about Zoom’s Security and Privacy Threats

Mohit Singhal, Nihal Kumarswamy, Shreyasi Kinhekar and Shirin Nilizadeh

FL-Guard: A Federated Learning Based Ground-Air Secure Communication Model For Future Aviation Network

Suleman Khan, An Braeken, Pardeep Kumar and Andrei Gurtov

Participant and Channel Privacy in End-to-End Encrypted VoIP Teleconferencing

Samuel Laney, Daniel Roche, Travis Mayberry and Justin Blanco

The last step of password strength evaluation

Yan Shao, Xin Xin and Hong Di

A Good Representation Helps the Robustness of Federated Learning against Backdoor Attack

Kyung Ho Park, Sanghoon Jeon and Huy Kang Kim

Towards Automated and Large-scale Cyber Attack Reconstruction with APT Reports

Zhenyuan Li, Ahmad Soltani, Anis Yusof, Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Kang Huang, Jun Zeng, Zhenkai Liang and Yan Chen

PA-Boot: A formally Verified Processor Authentication Protocol for SMP Secure Boot

Zhuoruo Zhang, Rui Chang, Qinming Dai and Kui Ren

Robust Malware Detection Models: Learning from Adversarial Attacks and Defenses

Hemant Rathore, Adithya Samavedhi, Sanjay K. Sahay and Mohit Sewak